About us

Knuckle Hockey provides unique, quality apparel and accessories to minor hockey players that delivers a mix of energy, fun, and social conscience. It is the only brand of sports apparel in Canada that mixes these elements, through its support of concussion awareness and treatment in partnership with some of the most reputable organizations in the country. Working with these organizations, Knuckle Hockey is working to reduce the effects of concussions right here in our local communities. Knuckle Hockey provides both inspirational and aspirational messages to Ontario’s youth hockey players, and is worn & endorsed by a number of professional hockey players. Knuckle Hockey is a brand that drives players to have fun while avoiding injuries to themselves and others, especially head injuries. You can trust that purchasing Knuckle Hockey branded products will give you both the physical benefit of knowing you purchased a quality North American product, as well as feeling good about supporting concussion prevention and treatment in minor hockey.